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A few posters asked about seminars. Our newest offering is designed to help you find and evaluate quality companies.
"Choosing Stocks with The Motley Fool" Online Seminar
Last day to enroll - June 18th. Seminar dates - June 19th - July 16th.

We also have two self-paced online seminars that may be of interest to you. You can sign up anytime and work at your own pace.

The Motley Fool "Beginning Investing" Seminar (self-paced)

The Motley Fool "Roadmap to Retirement" Seminar (self-paced)

Details about what each seminar will cover can be found at those links. If you have any additional questions, just ask me! If you should reply to my post, be sure to check the "email to author" box below the message window so that I'm alerted to your post.

Finally, my apologies for not noticing earlier that this board had been opened. Hope no one felt neglected.



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As an African American male, I have been somewhat sensitive to anyone who is trying to accumalate wealth in America. I have discovered that a
constant doubling of principal is the sure ticket, but how does one find the correct horse? Try this approach: Ford Mo Co 5% yield, AEC 10% yield
and EOP 11% yield, Providian Financial 5% yield. Your portfolio will double in 7 years without any movement in price! Don't reinvest the divedends but sweep them into a tax-managed portfolio such as a Freddie
or Fannie and T-Bill for tax free 11% yields. Isn't America great?
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