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As of 8/2/97 Zacks has Inside Investors at 18%. Is this a valid number? Was the 45% posted by scamp in early July correct or has it fallen this much?
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I got that original 45% from IBD. In looking at the 8/11 edition, it still lists it at 45%, although it has a small "k" after it. Anyone know what that means? After reading your message, I did some further research. The following information is from their Proxy statement last March:


Jack R. Ingram 384,700 17.50%
Ronald L. Siegenthaler 374,669 17.05%
Sedco Investments
(Siegenthaler) 171,314 8.57%
Donald E. Reigel 43,451 2.13%
Ron B. Barber 31,520 1.58%
Robert B. Wagner 21,800 1.08%
Donald T. Duke 11,400 0.50%
Robert D. Hisrich 12,900 0.58%

All officers and
directors as a
group (10 persons) 949,740 37.36%

Now, using the number of shares that Ingram and Siegenthaler own, and their percentages of ownership, they seem to be using a figure between 2.197 & 2.198 million shares outstanding. But this would give a figure of about 43% total ownership, rather than the 37.36 figure listed above. I have no idea why there is such a discrepancy. In any case, it does look like there is insider ownership in the 40% range.

Stuart Campbell
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The number I got was from Zack's research marvel. This is a pretty neat little tool but this isn't the first time that the data from it are suspect.

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There is an SEC 144 filing regarding insiders intention to sell shares, but I do not have the numbers.

There is NEWS regarding a company buy back that has not happened yet.
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