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I have applied green card (immigration) for my parents from California. The only problem is medical insurance. Both parents are above 60 years old and has old age problems (High BP and Diabetes).
I have no clue how much it will cost to get the private medical insurance. What are the options to get the medical insurance? How much it will cost? Where can I research on this information?

My father can work but not my mother. My sisters live in Varginia and chicago. Will there be any difference in getting insurenace where my perents live?

Is it possible to use Goverment or county hospitals for any emegency?

How do I find information about these hospitals?

Thanks for any information.
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Hi pree2004fool. I will try to answer your questions, but others out there may have better information to add.

Insurance companies are regulated at the state levels. Their policies are similar from state to state but some states have different laws.

You will need to apply for health insurance for your parents in the state they plan to live in. You will find companies offering the insurance listed in the Yellow Pages of your phone book, or you can find them by searching in Google.

In the US, most people get their health insurance through their employer. Therefore, if your father can work, he may very well want to find a job that includes health insurance or group health insurance (the employee pays for at discount group rates).

Over age 60 and with medical problems like high blood pressure and diabetes, your parents may have trouble buying individual insurance. Or it may be very costly. (That is why employer's insurance is a better deal if your father works.) But the policy can usually be made affordable hy accepting high deductible insurance or high copay insurance. This is what you shop for at your insurance agent. The best most cost effective policy for you.

I suspect that best quality insurance for both parents might cost as much as $10K per year. But if high deductible is acceptable, the cost might drop to something like $3K per year.

If they live in Virginia or Chicago, yes their state laws will apply. Likely the rules will be similar, but there may be some special rules that apply.

For emergencies, yes, the usual procedure is to call 911 for assistance. They will transport the patient to a local emergency room, where usually they are required to treat everyone. (For illegals without green cards, some states may have some limitations, but yes, generally if it is a serious medical situation, they will help you.)

As to hospitals, ask friends, neighbors, or co-workers where you live. They will be able to tell you which hospitals have emergency rooms. They will also be able to tell you which are the better hospitals. Some people just go to the emergency room. If you go by 911, usually they will ask which hospital you want to go to if several are available.

Ask away if you have more questions.
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some things to think about...

Some companies, like Osco Drug Stores and others, offer insurance benefits to workers who work 20 hours a week. Check around, there are more than a few like this. Often they do this to get coverage on odd hours.

Also, think about the insurance you want. You can get insurance that has high deductibles. Here you basically are going to pay for the routine health care, but will be covered for major medical.

Also, very important, remember that insured people get better rates on health care than uninsured people. the insurance companies negotiate rates that are better. Uninsured people pay a lot more, often twice as much.

Good luck
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As someone mentioned each state has a completely different set of rules. See this website and print out the information for each of the states that they might live in.

In addition to getting their current health insurance once they turn 65 they will almost certainly not be eligible for Medicare and they will face additional problems with getting medical insurance then.

Is it possible to use Goverment or county hospitals for any emegency?

Yes but they will be billed extremely high rates if they don't have any health insurance and the hospitals will turn their accounts over to bill collectors. The bill collectors will likely come after you as well if something in the immigration forms says that you will be financially responsible for them.

In an emergency room will also only get the minimum care necessary to get them stabilized and back out the door. For example if their blood pressure or diabetes is out of control, they might be given a pill to get them through the night and told to see their regular doctor in the morning.

I know some nice people that work in the healthcare field, but these otherwise nice people have pretty much gotten fed up and harsh with dealing with uninsured illegal immigrants. Even though they would be here legally, I would not expect them to be treated they way that I would want my parents treated if they showed up at an emergency room without health insurance.

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It isn't clear from your email where your parents will live. If it is in California, you might try Kaiser. Kaiser is an HMO which has its good and bad points. It would provide coverage for emergencies and start the clock on coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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