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Hello All,

Thought you might get a kick out of a couple of these and maybe even learn something new. ;-)


(who always enjoys when it comes (no pun) to sex)
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There are so many good ones it is hard to pick just one.

Woman sues radio station over prank call

A Florida woman is suing a radio station after it aired a prank call to her in which she disclosed sexual information about herself.

Adrienne Breidigan from Naples is suing WBTT 105.5 and the disc jockey, identified only by his trade name Bruce Da Moose.

She was told she'd been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease after the DJ allegedly pretended to be a doctor.

The Naples Daily News reports the presenter told Ms Breidigan he treated her ex-boyfriend for the unnamed disease which she may have picked up.

The 20-year-old is said to be seeking unspecified monetary damages following the prank which was set up by a friend of hers.

Ms Breidigan said she cried when told she had been exposed to what she thought was a potentially life-threatening disease, which the caller refused to specify.

The man began asking her questions about her sexual history. She answered, and it was only when the questions became graphic that she suspected a hoax.

She said: "They were asking me all kinds of questions about my sex life, have I done this and have I done that. Then they said something like was (a particular sex act) any good, and I said what does that have to do with anything?"

She says she was then told it was a prank, and shortly afterward the station aired the conversation. She claims she was told the station wouldn't air her name and she didn't give permission.

The newspaper says neither the radio station nor its owners were available for comment.

This one brings to mind a few things. I would be furious. I also remember many years ago playing a similar trick on an ex of an ex. I am ashamed. But I wasn't at the time.

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Four Portuguese women stood topless at their windows because they thought they were getting a mammogram by satellite.

The women, who live in San Bartholomeu de Messines in the Algarve, were telephoned by a woman who claimed she was a doctor.

The Correio da Manhã website reports she said the procedure was new and would not cost them anything.

When they called her back for the results of the alleged test, the hoaxer described her sexual desires to them.

The women were aged between 19 and 45. They have complained to the police.

One of them told the website: "I complained because the woman who called made us do a very shameful thing, and I am quite angry."

Does this remind anyone (besides me) of the warning about the door-to-door boob checker?
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Does this remind anyone (besides me) of the warning about the door-to-door boob checker?

Well, if it's for your health...

blink, blink
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