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Saw this board and thought I'd introduce myself.
I have a 17 yr old with aspergers, bi-polar and impulse control disorder.
We've faced many challenges over the years, right now my problem is educating him - he was unstable (bipolar issues) for a very long time and was unable to be attend school - it was just way to much for him to handle. I bought the books for him to study for his GED but getting him to actually work on them has been an issue - but I'll figure it out eventually. My biggest problem has been people's inability to understand his issues - just because he's 17 doesn't mean that he can be expected to be like every other 17 yr old - he's more like 9. Even my soon to be ex can't get it - he's conviced that my son is just spoiled and that is the only problem - drives me nuts.
Well not much of an intro - more like a whine session but :) I'm sure you all understand
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"My biggest problem has been people's inability to understand his issues..."

Understanding socially appropriate behavior is a big problem - perhaps the biggest if a child is otherwise functional.

Our daughter, age 13, is socially delayed to about age 10-11. She will pop out with really inappropriate (even if observant) statements. For example, asking total strangers their age. Just yesterday a couple of goth looking college students were walking by our house and DD said "I can see her bra, that's trashy". That was good for a dirty look. Generally however, we have found most people, particularly young people, understanding of her somewhat strange ways.

One thing we found useful, particularly when she was young was Carol Gray's social stories as a way of eliciting socially appropriate responses.

Sorry about your ex. You would think after 17 years he would understand your son is not just "spoiled". Early on, my mom thought that too.

Regards. Thetis.
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Thanks for joining us.

These things vary from place to place, but in my town,
public schools are available to students up to high school graduation OR age 21
vocational rehabilitation services are available for older teens who need help in finding work
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