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Hey Fools,

If you're here already, you're either Paul "Selzhanik" Hooper (who beat me to the board I created), or you've been included in the "Friends and Family" launch of this new Foolish multimedia magazine. As I write this post, we're adding an "About" link to the site, and I think this does a good job of laying some concrete in terms of the "Why" of TJC...

If CAPS was just an amorphous mass of information, a cold, calculating number crunching machine, it would be an extremely useful tool for investors looking to beat the market. But CAPS is something more. Much more. Here in CAPS, Fools from around the world, and from every class, religion and color, work together to promote excellence and steer clear of incompetence and fraud. We both help and protect each other. This X factor, this human touch, more than any other quality, makes this community worthy of being called “The World’s Greatest Investment Community.” Honoring the contributions of the people who make this slogan ring true is what The Jester Capital is all about.

The goal is to create an extremely simple, clear, fun way for CAPS-playing Fools to get the very best community generated content. And to add on a whole bunch of amusement. I also hope to radically enhance the quality of communication between those who work tirelessly to make the CAPS product world-class, and those that contribute their time to the cause of "community intelligence." This board should be a great, informal community town square, or giant virtual water cooler where we hang out, kick around ideas and make CAPS as fun and enjoyable as it can possibly be.

For those that don't know me, I am a comedy writer and I play to the "Amuse" section of our mission statement. I came to Fooldom after a massive personal financial blunder and turned my own fortunes around entirely by sticking to Foolish principles. I spent years ranting, goofing around and joking with Fools on the message boards, subbed to RB, HG and SA and I still read all of the newsletters cover-to-cover. I consider myself a regular Joe Fool. TJC is sorta like the comedy version of "Bridge over Troubled Water."

All in all, I am, like that old wig man used to say, "not only the president, but also a client."

Let us know what you think, what you want - and we'll always try to make it happen. Thanks a lot for coming. Here's to years and years of great content, great conversations and massive, massive profits.


Managing Editor
The Jester Capital
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Kudos Dan, and everyone who helped get TJC off the ground. It looks great. Dan Rubin? Comic strip artist extraordinaire? Who wouldv'e thunk it?

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Hey Ricky Moon,

Thanks a lot for the feedback - more importantly - do we still want to keep WMG in our CAPS port?

Also, one story that must be covered on TJC is your rise to the Top Fool slot in a Rocky Balboa like come back! :>

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Paul "Selzhanik" Hooper (who beat me to the board I created)

Well, come on now, it had been here almost a week... I couldn't resist being the first human poster.

I am really glad to see it in its current form, and I'm very much looking forward to what it could become.

Foolish regards,
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I didn't know you were a comedy writer.... I thought you were a waiter or a bartender since that and actor/actress are the 3 most popular professions in hollywood...

Push content.... that is all i have to say.... for the life of me I can't find anything on the its worse than bed spins... push content allows me to signup for things and get what i want... actually, i wish there was a place on where you could pick and choose how you build your view similar to google and pick and choose what you want pushed to you...

some of your videos that you did with characters were great, I wish they continued... the duke of wall street comes to mind... he was there and then he was gone.... there is no continuation or explanation of why he left? did he get a better paying job selling turkey legs at medieval times? I think you get my point that I like some of the characters and would love to see them regularly

oh I forgot I am supposed to be working... just thought I would pop in
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helloooo.. helloooo... helloooo....

echoooo... echooooo ... echooo....

Obama is that you... is that you... is that you... you...
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Hey FloridaBuilder,

Please forgive the heinous lack of a response - i've been traveling in England as a play I wrote was produced in London this week. (My name used to be "Broadway" Dan" for that reason.) Anyway, I am rushing to get to a tour with the wife and child and will seriously consider and kick your ideas around with our guys to see what we can do to get you what you want. What you're asking for might be bigger than the mission statement of TJC, but if there's any way we can make it easier for you to get exactly what you want, we will try. For now, there is a major human touch to TJC (mostly moi and my partner Joe - a terrific graphic artist/web dude/marketing guru) and it basically revolves around my ability to find the content that seems to have the most educational, amusing and enriching.

And thanks for the Duke and character praise. I am meeting with the Duke when I return and definitely think he'd be a great part of TJC if we add a video channel and some more video.

The key here, so far, is to create a place that:

Honors the great contributions of our community
highlights the best stuff so it's simple to find
cracks people up
adds some graphic sizzle to the controversial things Fools write
makes CAPS seem less overwhelming to rookies

Bottom line - I want TJC to be the media wing of CAPS, and would love to kick around some other ideas to you and the guys. for example, Wild Pitches (mocking bad pitches), Great Calls (celebrating amazing stock picks), a much more detailed scorecard that goes beyond the top 10, and I'm open to suggestions for adding things. That said, I think one of the big benefits of this publication is making it simple to find the best stuff created during the week. So, keeping it simple is very important.

Gotta run - wife yelling at me to hurry up so we can see a museum or the like today.

Thanks FB for all your great contributions and thoughts as always.


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I feel really unloved at this moment. Here I was in the top30, an active poster, and I have no forewaring about this newsletter? :(

How do I get involved? I'm familier to many of you, as we regularly post on eachother's blogs.

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As I noted on your blog too - you're the man, or certainly one of 'em - and your contributions and monster performance are both greatly appreciated. Sorry we missed you on the email notice, and look for us to come out weekly on Thursdays at 4:00 Eastern!



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Hey Dan

I had some more thoughts/suggestions about the Jester Cap now that it's had time to percolate through my cranial membranes.Hopefully they will be of some value to you

Seems to me the more I think about it that The Jester Cap can be both a new home page and a fanzine (which it sounds like is your main intent).

basically I think the Jester Capital should have a main page and at least 3 sub pages. Without the sub pages it won't feel much like a publication which is probably why I thought it was just kick-ass new CAPS home page when I first saw it.

Main Page- More or less what you have now with some minor tweaks. The cartoon is pretty funny/apropos but probably ought to be moved from the center of the page. The very sharp stark contrast of black and white lines in the artist's art style somewhat overpowers the rest of the page imho. I think it would also better off if it had a very light background and perhaps was drawn with a slightly lighter colored utensil.

If the jestercapital is really going to be a CAPS tab you'll probbaly need to tweak the color scheme (which is too bad since I like it) so it fits in with the rest of CAPS. You'll probably need to add some white negative space and maybe some yellow/orange hues.

Additionally if you decide to use my suggestion of sub pages you'll need a way to link to them off your main page, whether it be more tabs or direct links.

Page 1 Leaderboard/Caps Trends- on this page could basically be All-star movement highlights. You could keep track of the largest movers up and down in the upper echelons of CAPSdom as well as major trends in the allstar verse (e.g. maybe the top players all dogpiled into Bear Stearns week, Or Pureunderperform attracted a 100 new groupies, maybe a good % of them closed picks in silver miners etc).It'd be really useful to have a way to see how CAPS players feel about various sectors (say tech or retail). The tag system is a bit clunky and incomplete. Many top players seem to make heavy sector calls (.e.g. Sinchiruna or DownwithInfidels) I don't know if CAPS has the means to track this info at this time but it'd be cool to see.

Also this page could have top ten lists(with links to to the complete lists)of players using different metrics , e.g. green thumbs only, average score per pick, accuracy etc. A lot of that info is already available on CAPS but is hard to readily access. The key to making this more captivating would be to humanize more than the current lists that are linked to the various charms. Perhaps you could so so my including small versions of the player's icons by their names in the lists or by letting players insert mini smack talk messages beneath their names (e.g. "Even Stephen Colbert don't mess with Specbear!")

Page 2 Blogroll/Community Page- This page would be anchored by a teaser for your topic of the day (which would have a separate page) that you proposed. Additionally It could have an updated version of the latest blog lists, the editor's picks (basically your top5 reiterated), top blogs alltime etc. The key here would be to add color and pictures which you already have done with you jestercapital page. Lastly you could also have a yahoo answers kind of feature where questions could be posed by the community on this page (e.g. "should i sell my NIke???").

Page 3 Stocks and Pitch central- This page would be anchored by your featured allstar of the week and/or a regular columnist (perhaps pencils?) who present writeups on stocks they find interesting. Basically this is where you'd have your All star roundup page as you call it now.

Also this page would include Stocks stats more or less. Which stocks had the biggest gains for the week, losses, attracted the most new ratings, which stocks went from 4 to 5 stars, which stocks gained/lost the most in CAPS ratings etc.

Also You could feature Editor's favorite pitches, new pitches, hot pitches (pitches that are new and popular) and if you are feeling really risque highlight the worst pitches. Finally this page would also be where your fool radio and video pitches should go if room. If there isn't you could always split this page into two or some of this content could be put on the blog page instead.

In order to make the JesterCAp successful I think three factors are paramount, that it be actually in CAPS prominently (my suggestion would be have it replace the current CAPS Home tag) where players can easily access, that it be easy to navigate and that it have daily updated content. I don't think it's a problem to have the jestercapital specific content (like best of the blogs and pencils) be weekly, but having a continually updating leaderboard and community driven features like CAPS Answers would go a long way in keeping the jestercap popular and active.

lastly I think you should consider someplace in the jestercap (heh I keep wanting to call it "Jesterday Today" for some reason) to allow you to flex your own comedy muscles, whether it be writing or in your video segments or wherever.I think it's safe to say you're well liked here so you might as well make take advantage of that. I'm sure you can find ample market insanities to lampoon/deride in your own way.

That's my thoughts about the JesterCapital, hopefully I wasn't too presumptive in my suggestions and that they are of some use to you.Good luck and keep up the hard work it is appreciated.
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