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Hello Friends,

I just started this Board to discuss a specific style of investing that works perhaps only in Technology Stocks. I have been experimenting with it, and have done quite well so far.

The basic principle is to pick stocks that align with a major technology trend. Along these lines, you could be investing in the iPhone Ecosystem,
or in Online Video.

You will find a lot of analysis based on this basic framework on my site at under Technology Stocks.

I will, also, from time to time, point you to trends that I am tracking, and stocks that align with those trends.

If this is a strategy you use, I would also appreciate if you discuss your experience on this Board.

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good idea u had here!!!

great addition

other trends folks might look into if they interested in trends???

the agricultural

stuff like MON...AG...DE...MOS

the infrastructure

stuff like FWLT..JEC..FLR..MDR


stuff like BHP, RIO, NOV..SLB..RIG..GLD

check back from time to time

all the best

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