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Hi folks,

I am an NRI based in the US. I have been investing in the US, Canadian and European stock market till now and would like to diversify into the Indian Stock Market.

I was wondering if any of you know of good, reliable and reputed sources of information for the Indian Stock Market in the area of:

1. Equity Research
a. Fundamental Analysis
b. Technical Analysis

2. Equity Recommendation
3. Brokerage
4. Portfolio Management

I would appreciate any feedback/suggestions from anyone.

Anil | Email: AnilGupta71@Gmail.Com
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The best place for balance sheets is: You may want to review my exhange with Bill on the "Sterlite industries" board. I had serious problems in getting the numbers right from other websites.

Mostly the balance sheets at the following websites are correct but you must check with the site above:, and

I still don't know a source of quality recommendations like MF. Most subscription services related to India are based on momentum trading.

Hope this helps

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