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Hi there,

I am an expat married and living in Tokyo. I have recently signed up for MFs site and have been doing research on how and what to invest as a retirement vehicle in while living in Japan.

I noticed that there were a few folks out there interested in possibly setting up an investment club or at the very least communications. I would be interested, but let me be candid and say that I am new to this game, but very much doing the footwork to get up to speed. Books and the MF site is great for obvious reasons, but would be nice to get in touch with folks that are in similar situations, e.g. living in Japan.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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This board doesn`t seem to be too active. I am also living in Japan, soon Ibaraki. I`m interested in setting up an on line account discount broker account and investing here in Japan.

I just read that Jim Rogers thinks Japan is the best place for value this year.

Here is some more info about some new ETFs that are going to be launched in Japan I just read today:

Good luck!

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In this thread, one post in 2008 and another in 2010 then then... silence?

If anyone is still following this thread, I am an ex-pat living in Tokyo, and currently subscribing to two MF newletters.

Perhaps all the action is taking place somewhere else? I will be mining other threads. May see you there.
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