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This OP-ED is by Pat Buchanan a noted conservative of a libertarian bent in regard to foreign adventures. I post this not as an attack on conservatives, because Duyba was no conservative, but as an attack on the so called conservative party that drove our country into the ditch. I certainly agree that Obama has not only kept us in the ditch but mired our economy deeper in the ditch. Until fiscal conseratives regain control of the party either via tea party candidates or others of the same strip we are doomed to progression to bankruptcy just at a slower pace.

Of the three goals of the war, none was achieved. No weapon of mass destruction was found. While Saddam and his sons paid for their sins, they had had nothing at all to do with 9/11. Nothing. That had all been mendacious propaganda.

Where there had been no al-Qaida in Iraq while Saddam ruled, al-Qaida is crawling all over Iraq now. Where Iraq had been an Arab Sunni bulwark confronting Iran in 2003, a decade later, Iraq is tilting away from the Sunni camp toward the Shia crescent of Iran and Hezbollah.

What was the cost in blood and treasure of our Mesopotamian misadventure? Four thousand five hundred U.S. dead, 35,000 wounded and this summary of war costs from Friday's Wall Street Journal:

"The decade-long (Iraq) effort cost $1.7 trillion, according to a study ... by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University. Fighting over the past 10 years has killed 134,000 Iraqi civilians ... . Meanwhile, the nearly $500 billion in unpaid benefits to U.S. veterans of the Iraq war could balloon to $6 trillion" over the next 40 years.

Iraq made a major contribution to the bankrupting of America.

As for those 134,000 Iraqi civilian dead, that translates into 500,000 Iraqi widows and orphans. What must they think of us?

According to the latest Gallup poll, by 2-to-1, Iraqis believe they are more secure -- now that the Americans are gone from their country.

I know the bolded portion will draw comments like "Look how much more Obama has added to the national debt." Well if we had paid for the two wars via taxation or not even gone into Iraq; that would have removed a major contributor to our economic downfall. And then perhaps we wouldn't have gotten Obama in office. Bush like LBJ cut taxes and continued to spend on "Guns & Butter" & printing of money. We have avoided the double digit inflation via QE buying of treasuries. Surely that musical chair dance must end sometime? Or do we have a perpetual QE policy?

I just know we need to end electing spendthrifts to office.
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