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first- I'm back in at $15.68, half position.

If there is a broad market contraction, EBIX may go with it. While the company performance certainly seems strong enough, share price action is still weak. That's a warning/opportunity. It seems increasingly less likely that there is going to be a big SEC investigation/restatement of the books, and deep deep downdraft for the share price. It also seemed as if the share price was consolidating around 16.25-16.50, but today put the lie to that. We could definitely see the 13s once again. It also remains vulnerable to a short attack. We'll want to see way less short interest over the next month or so.

If there is another attack or baseless crash, I'll take my own advice and just buy more.

Best to you all

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While the company performance certainly seems strong enough
I thought some of their Y-o-Y numbers showing some margin weakness. In the call Raina mentioned the pipeline for deals are strong. So "rollup" can continue for sometime. You can read the transcript of the call on "Seeking Alpha" :)

EBIX will file 10K on Monday. So that is going to give some fodder to shorts. :) I would wait for 10K to be digested by shorts.
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