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Greetings to All,

The last couple of days regarding EBIX have been quiet eventful to say the least. A few generalizations I have about the situation are as follows:
1) The alleged hit pieces by Copperfield and Gotham and published by SeekingAlpha and Bloomberg respectfully are for the most part manufactured by those which are shorting the stock and should be prosecuted by EBIX;
2) The conference call and the attented rebuttal by Robin seems both logical and for the time being adequate in my opinion; and
3) I also believe that Robin and the CFO of EBIX are very very aware that every financial statement they endorse will be scrutinized to the max by everyone who follows the stock. This I feel will be a check on whether they in the future attempt to either misstate information or facts pertinent to their financial statements.

Please feel free to comment or disagree with the above. As always thanks for the time and effort in posting a response.

Respectfully, Mike
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I agree. I have no qualms about being long EBIX. Earnings release is the key, though; all comes down to performance. If they show significant growth, then stock rockets upward. P/E currently at 8-9, so stock has a LOT of room to go up on good performance.
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