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maybe they can help explain this crazy decision...I think I have come up with a whole new reason to hate california (not that I needed one)

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well the form/questions are out:

there is an error in question 1 where an "and" should have been an "and/or", but even at that there is more than sufficient evidence for the jury to have had no answer other than YES to the question:

"Did Micron and/or Hynix agree with each other and/or Infineon and/or Samsung to fix RDRAM prices high and DDR prices low and/or restrict RDRAM output in order to prevent RDRAM from becoming the standard for computer memory?"

the "fix RDRAM prices high and DDR prices low" should have been an "and/or", but with mu's execs Jeffrey Mailoux and Linda Turner documented to be conspiring fixing rdram prices high and ddr prices low respectively, the jurors had to answer YES if they have half a brain...

looks like we got stuck with a california "educated" jury

suspicious in that reports are initially the jurors were 7-5 in favor of rmbs, but after long battles and anti-rmbs jurors seemingly entrenched in their positions, the cartel side won over the jurors to a 9-3 anti-rmbs vote

seems to stink to high heaven as many rmbs wrangles have in the past

we were going to be faced with going through an appeal regardless of this decision, however...I just wish it was a pro-rmbs verdict being appealed instead of this travesty of justice

ever wonder why cases like this can't just be fast tracked to the highest level courts first so you can avoid the years involved in try-appeal-try-appeal-try-etc,etc????


p.s. IV dead as a doornail again - what a horrible site
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