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Even though Germany did not start World War One, they were blamed for
it and were forced to make reparations along with having tremendous
restricting regulations imposed on them. There was a tax placed on
the Germans and they had to deliver in money and in goods. This tax
was so burdensome that, eventually, they sent one of their last
shipments of forced taxes on ships and sunk the ships in a harbor in
France and basically said, "You want it, there it is. It's all
yours.". This was the actual beginning of WWII. The war was over
taxes. Even though they were not being called taxes, They were TAXES
that drove an entire country to such desperation that they ended up
with Hitler running the country, costing the entire world a great deal
of their populations. It made Hitler look better to them than what
taxes and regulations they had.

The beginning of the American Revolution was over taxes. The English
Monarch imposed such burdensome taxes on the People of America, that
they were being driven into poverty in a new world of fabulous wealth
and resources. It was not only the taxes, but the inhumane methods of
collecting them and stifling government regulations. The fascist
manner of collections deprived people of all rights. This was the
beginning of the American Revolution. It was over taxes which forced
The People into sarvation and poverty and forced them to rise up in

The civil war, no matter how history twists the facts, was over taxes.
The South had cotton and food. The North had machinery and
factories. They both needed each other. When the Government in the
North, in Washington, decided that they would tax the South for the
exchange of goods to the North and the exchange of equipment to the
South, the South said that if they were taxed, they would leave the
Union. That was the actual beginning of the Civil War. It was over

The Great Revolution in England was over taxes and the fascist
collection techniques imposed on its People and stifling government
regulations. It was over taxes that forced its People into starvation
and poverty. The French Revolution started with the Governing elite
in France imposing such burdensome taxes and regulations that The
People of France were no longer left with anything after the tax to
eat, to grow more crops, or to build, just like England. It was over

The Mexican Revolution, celebrated on May 5th, was fought over taxes
when The People of Mexico were so starved and abused by collection of
taxes and denial of basic human rights that they finally rose up in

The war fought between Texas and Mexico came about when Texans were so
brutally taxed and regulated by Santana,that when his brother rode in
and burned down houses, stole and destroyed livestock and crops,
brutalizing people all the way and deprived its People of wherewith
all to live through TAXES, that they were forced to rise up against it
for their own lives. Texas would still be a part of Mexico if it
weren't for TAXES.

Ireland had such burdensome taxes imposed on it and such oppressive
Government regualtions imposed on it, that when a potato blight hit,
which was the only crop allowed by government regulations in England,
they were not able to pay the taxes and were then hauled out of there
homes and hanged and their houses burned and the men slaughtered. It
was over taxes. Millions died and some folks are still fighting this

Do I need to go on? Oppressive taxation, when coupled with oppressive
and strangling regulation has never ended well because when you are so
regulated that you can no longer pay the tax, a government who is so
oppressive that they feel they have the right to impose the
regulations will, of course, also feel they have the right to collect
in the most heinous manner. It has never happened any other way and
has never turned out differently.

Health care is a tax. It will be collected in a brutal manner and you
will be punished for not paying for it. Carbon Credits is a tax, and
any business will be gone if they don't pay it, that is if they are
not gone from the oppressive regulations which are being promised.

A tax is: A forced payment for the support of Government. There are
things we should support with taxes, like schools and roads and
defense and care for the needy. This is all with our consent.

The problem is, these are no longer taxes for the support of
government, nor are they with our consent, they are taxes with the
force of government for private corporations. You and your children
have been sold to them.

To fully impose their dark vision of the future, a future of
starvation and slavery and brutality and total denial of human rights,
you must be disarmed. They know you will revolt, and you should, and
you will, that is, if the Government doesn't change. It is the
Government that must change. It is not you. They must return to
being the protectors of rights and ensurers of happiness and freedoms
and govern by consent. It is not for you to turn into slaves to
corporations or governments, nor to hand over the freedom of your
children to them. It is not yours to hand over, the same as it is not
their to take.

Buy guns. Do not let them take one more bit of gun rights. Their
efforts are ceaseless. Every little bit of rights and freedoms the
rats are allowed to gnaw off will have to be won back with blood -
again. It is best to stop them now. Put them in their place. They
are employees of ours who are out of control and have gone criminal.

A Government has no Natural Rights. It has no God-Given Rights.
There are zero Laws of Nature for a government. A Government has NO
RIGHTS. Only people have rights. Only people.

Any power any government has, is the power we allow it, with our
consent. Anything above that is tyranny.
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