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I've noticed something really strange in iTunes since I upgraded to iTunes 11. I organize my music by genre and use smart playlists to keep each genre together. So I have a Rock playlist, a Jazz playlist, a Folk playlist, etc. Often the genre listed when I buy a track from iTunes doesn't fit my system, so I change the genre after I buy the track.

I've noticed that when I look at my music in Songs view, the genre changes back to what it was in the iTunes store. But it hasn't really changed - when I open the information box the genre is correct, and then when I go back to Songs view the genre is back to the one I selected. However, this messes up my smart playlists. Unless I manually go through and "fix" the songs with the wrong genre, the songs will be deleted from my smart playlists because iTunes thinks the genre is the iTunes one, not the one I picked. I'm not using iTunes match and I've turned off Show Music in the Cloud.

To give an example, I bought the soundtrack for The Descendents, which consists of Hawaiian folk music. The iTunes genre is "Soundtrack", a totally useless genre designation that tells you nothing about the style of music. So I changed the genre of each song on the album to Folk, and now all the songs appear in my Folk smart playlist. But when I opened up iTunes today, the songs appeared to have the genre Soundtrack again and they disappeared from my Folk playlist. I had to manually go through and open information on each one to fix it.

Is there anything I can do about this, other than give up my smart playlists?

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My guess is you need to edit the individual song's meta data. Here is a link that talks about it.

I strongly suggest you backup your Music and make a couple of tests edits before you go too far because:
#1 Editing may not work - (I would have thought what you did in Song View would have changed the meta data)
#2 Any time I mess with stuff like this, I feel these is a risk of serious un-intended consequences.

I don't know, but my guess is somebody would have created tools for editing meta data, but I did not perform a Google search.

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