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Jack:"I can tell that your mind is made up on this matter, and nothing is going to change it. But let me just ask a couple of questions. WHY do you think that there are ao many well-educated people who are too "lefty" for you taste? And do you really think that these people are out to destroy America, or are they just stupid (you know, "book smart only")?"

Let's take 'em one by one.

1) You are right. PSB is definitely near totally biased to the liberal 'one worlder' viewpoint. How much money does Soros throw at it each year? Between PBS and NPR, they seek out the most sensational 'Julia' type stories to promote, ignoring the rest.

2) You never responded to why we should be borrowing money from the Chinese, which your kids and grandkids will have to pay the interest on and repay the debt some day (you do believe in financial responsibility, right?).. to give to PBS.


3) The 'actual' well educated liberals, academics, and others are really a small minority. the election was won with 30-40% of the population merely voting for 'more free stuff' and voting the race card (voting for the African American regardless of anything else). Better yet a 'minority' who promised them lots of free stuff, and then 'soaking the rich' to pay for it.

You do realize that if you confiscated 'all' the wealth of the 'rich' you could run the government for less than a year...then what? Or if you taxed their income at 80%, you could run the government for 4 days?

We just spend too much, and borrow too much, and you think we should borrow even more to fund PBS?

If the African American had been a conservative republican, he would have been elected......simple.

It wasn't the 'ideals' of the liberal left that won. It was the 'give away' mentality of the left. Freebies for all. No 'cost' to giving away more and more.

The foodstamp president.....unemployment for ever.......


4) It appears the libs are stupid enough to destroy America by spending it into financial collapse.

16 trillion public debt, another 16 trillion in state/local debt.....and 50 trillion in unfunded liabilities.....

That's about a billion dollars per person in the set to pay your 'fair share of it'?

Just the fed debt is now over a quarter BILLION per person in the USA.......

So when you plan on paying back YOUR SHARE of it?

or do you really want to borrow more to fund PBS?

I suspect you'll find most 18-21 year olds don't have time for PBS, or the news shows on it. More like Dancing with the Stars.....the Simpsons......or HBO.

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