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SFHD - Santa Fe Holding Co., small restaurant chain
VTIV - inVentiv Health, Pharma outsourcing
VVUS - Vivus, Inc., Small pharma
KBR - KBR,Inc., construction/infrastructure

The Fat Pitch Port returned -3.0% in January. The S&P500 returned -8.6%

I have the same positions now which is pretty funny as I made several trades that I didn't bother posting due to lack of interest. Notably, I traded BKE, ATVI, SLG, VLO, KBR (which I bought back) and SDS for small gains. I traded UYG both for small gains and a small loss. The monthly loss is attributed to the decline in price of SFHD.

Happy marketeering,

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No marketeering since Jan 30th?
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Since you asked...

Yes, there has been some marketeering, but I have several other "life projects" going on and there has been little time for TMF. I've been noting over the past months prior to my disappearance that my interest in TMF has been waning. Truth is I seem to get very little from it anymore. Investing and marketeering are still a top priority for me, I just not willing to spend as many hours doing this as I used to - at least not right now.

There has also been some theft from this account ; ) which pretty much rendered result reporting useless. I may pick up with another account at some other time or something, I just don't know.

Happy marketeering to all and just make money.

ab - witness the struggle around current levels, Dow 8000, S&P 840, as the market decides which direction to go. Cool stuff.
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Howdy there abs,

Was beginning to wonder which cliff you may have wandered over <smile>?

Hopefully your "life projects" weren't of the troubling or dire sorts ...

I do quite well understand how much time one can spend just reading TMF, much less being an active poster anywhere ... and like you I have felt the need to cut back a bit on this fine form of maddening addiction <smile>.

Also, your inference that there's little new under the TMF sun for you rings quite familiar for me ... I suspect when we first find this place, the unique mix of people and ideas are wonderfully stimulating and help us form (firm up?) the basis for our own investing paradigms maybe for the first time ... and since there can only be one first time <wink> ... even continuing the process pales in comparison to the discovery phase ...

I do think that like so many other things in life, one's interaction with TMF can evolve in terms of usefulness, expectations, perspectives, time invested, etc. etc ... Or at least I hope you find some usefulnesses for continuing to be part of the TMF community, as even though I am just a mangy 4 legged dennish sort of critter, I would miss your insights and inputs ...

Take care,
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I want to echo IcyWolf's thoughts. I would certainly miss your insights into the market and investing in general. I certainly haven't had much time to post here in years, but I enjoy looking in from time to time and your board is a regular stop for me.

Hopefully we'll see you around.

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