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Great game, competitive all the way to the end. Japan really needed something to rally around, too. Now they have it.

What's your take?


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This is my first exposure to women's soccer since my sister graduated from college, and it was pretty exciting from a fan standpoint.

Great for Japan, but that was America's game to lose and they did it. Not at all impressed with the coaching on the US bench and our central midfielders were horrible.

You could tell Japan was happy just to be there (amazing what a disaster striking your country can do for your perspective) and it came through in the PKs when nerves are more important than anything else.

Fun game and a wonderful outcome for Japan. I'd be interested to hear anyone's take on the popularity of women's soccer in Japan. Like soccer in general, it struggles in the US and the women's WC has historically passed generally unnoticed. Of course the US hasn't won it in 12 years so that may skew the coverage.
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