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I had been looking for a new job over the past few months and I know those expenses are tax deductible. There are a few things I was hoping someone can clarify - I tried looking it up on the irs publication but it's not clear hence bringing it up on this forum.

- Travel: I live in the SF bay area and trekking up and down the valley can add up the miles pretty fast. Is travel within the area also deductible if you document specific meetings related to job search? For reference, trips between south bay and the city can be 45 miles each way so a couple of trips a week for job search meetings can be 180 miles of deductions/wk if eligible.

- Cell phone bill if the cell phone is primarily for job search purposes

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To be deductible, travel generally needs to be primarily for the deductible purpose - you can't deduct a $5000 vacation to Florida from SF if you have an interview on Monday and spend the week at the beach.

I think you're ok on the cell phone deduction too, given its primarily for job search purproses.
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You can deduct all mileage for job interviews.

You can deduct every single phone call. Just calculate a per minute rate (may change each month depending on your minutes/bill), isolate the calls, both incoming and out going and voicemail minutes too. Multiply by the factor per minute.

Don't forget bridge fare (we have 5 at $5 each), parking fees and meals i.e. you drive from the peninsula to Davis for an interview, have lunch and go home, etc.

It adds up fast.

Don't forget expenses associated with resumes, including any portion of internet access costs - think Linkedin, monster, etc. (if you can calculate a reasonable estimate), postage, copy fees, business cards, etc. Specialty clothing that can't normally be used for other jobs. I'm a Cardiac Cath Lab tech so if I purchase a set of full body lead for shielding I really can't use that any where else.

I deducted a trip to the Palm Springs area for a job interview which was completely within my field. I almost took it but didn't. Got thru the employee paperwork but something else came up.

What's your field?

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Thanks you both! Good input.
So, 50 miles from home limit does not apply for deducting mileage for job interviews?
My field is software
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