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Howdy Fools, I am a M.E. about to graduate in may with an interview with York in a couple of days. i see the site seems to be abandoned, but if there are any employees out there who happen apon this i would love to hear your take on the company (or any opinion).
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Hello Fellow Fools

I started working for Yrk 4/02/01 and so far I'm happy. I'm a service tech(union) in the SW district(New Mexico) and since starting I've installed approx 10 new chillers ranging from 260 tons screws to 30 ton scrolls, cooling towers, etc. We have some other big jobs(chiller installs) coming up.

I just returned from a training seminar 16/11/01 in New Orleans,LA. Yrk is pushing to expand in to the DDC building controls sector. Seems they've always had a system to compete with the Trane tracer and others, but being a manufacture they never pushed it to much. Seems that is changing.

Meet other techs from LA,TX, and PA. Unfortunately the guy from the home state, York PA said they are laying off at the plant, but then the TX guy said there hiring there. I think alot has to do with them manufacturing in Mexico.

Since I just started with them my position in YRK is small(15 shares) bit I do participate in the stock plan which is ok because my shares are bought at a 15% discount, so right away i'm making some gains. I believe in investing in the company i work for.

Know this info isn't to helpful, but thought i share it with you all.

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