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John the progressive:"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a physician in 2010 was about 166K/year. Considering that this would include physicians practicing in areas of the contry that have a low standard of living, it seems like a respectable income to me."

Hah....let's spend 14 years in college, medical school and residency, building up $250,000 in student loan debt, and you think $166,000 is 'fair compensation' for giving up that many years of your life to non-productive work? sure are a socialist. And what about the median and high cost of living areas?


John the progressive: " But since you asked, I don't really have a problem with Jobs, Gates and Buffett amassing great wealth. The first two were visionaries who helped shape modern society. And Buffett's philantropy is very impressive."

You mean AFTER Buffet made his gazillions, he decided to give away all his loot so he didn't pay a dime in estate taxes? Gotcha.... he thinks, like nearly all, that PEOPLE know the best way to use THEIR money, and that is not to give it to the government to waste on the welfare weenies and queenies, and sloshing it out to their buddies on guaranteed to fail greenie projects.

As to visionaries - you mean that Verizon shouldn't make any money because it has spent 50 billion putting in high sped internet to nearly all its customers instead of 300 bps dial up? Or that car companies now have cars 100 times safer than in the 60s, sell 15 million of them a year......

Or that pharma companies have invented cures for diseases that KILL, and have drugs to let you live 10 or 20 years longer? You don't think that shapes 'modern society'? Vaccines and bio-drugs and cancer drugs? Really? YOu'd rather be dying at 45 or 50 like 2 centuries ago? With 50% of all people dead before their 10th birthday fro childhood illnesses? with scarlet fever, whooping cough, mumps, measles , small pox , polio.....taking its toll?

Gimme a give a pass to your 'elite buddies' like Buffet and Gates......because they mouth your socialist words......and in the mean time, they take every deduction and loophole their high priced accounting firms can come up with.



Johnny the progressive:"I DO have a problem with superstar athletes getting ridiculous compensation."

They don't go to the games, or watch them on TV....the salaries will drop if everyone else feels the same way.

Otherwise, don't bitch.

And who are you to decide 'ridiculous' compensation? Heck, even in the Soviet union, the 'stars' got big salaries and all sorts of perks.....same in Germany under Hitler.....


Johny the Progressive Lib: "And it seems to me that the professional athletes of my era, in general, deserved respect and admiration more so than the current crop."

Nah...the press was a lot more LESS INTRUSIVE. They swept scandals under the rug. Affairs with a baseball star? Not even in the news. Sports starts in trouble with the law...? Swept under the rug. Of course, they didn't have doping and drugs like today..cocaine, pot, steroids, etc..didn't exist across society.

You were just wearing 'blinders' back then because the press never reported on the stuff when it wasn't 'news'.....or that their 'code' allowed them to report on.

And you mean there were no scandals? The Chicago Baseball scandal? WHere they threw the world series? hah.....or other 'fixes'????

Your memory isn't qute so good. I remember when Wash DC actually had a baseball team....and when the Dodgers screwed their fans and moved to much for loyalty. It's always been 'about the money'.


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