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Good segment on NRA owned Congressmen Todd Tiahrt sneaking NRA sponsored legislation into the Patriot Act which made it impossible for the ATF to do its job, followed by Tiahrt and other NRA stooges saying that we don't need new laws, we need to leave it to the ATF to enforce existing laws:
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I'm SO glad you posted this jgc123.

I had recorded that show, and watched it a few hours ago. But my head is still spinning. HOW could Congress let this happen????

And the bigger question to me is does it matter WHAT new gun laws are passed? Won't the jerks who castrated the ATF do the same to any new legislation?

A month after the disaster in Newtown, there is still a big push for SOME action by federal and local governments. But won't we have to watch what happens over the ensuing months and years to make sure that the gun lobby doesn't undo any changes?

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