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My favorite investment is in my spouse! This type of investment is in the form of flowers, chocolates and even marriage counseling. All the diversification in stock and mutual fund investments won't stop a fifty percent loss if your spouse doesn't want to be your spouse any more.

Wait a minute… it can be even worse. If your company has a retirement plan your spouse may be entitled to half of that too! And someone on a third marriage would lose half of half! This might be scarier than Enron! If you're gloating about beating the market by a few percentage points and neglecting your spouse you may be taking on unforeseen risk.

Investing in your spouse also has a very high yield. For a very small price you get a long, happy marriage and you even receive occasional favors. Naturally these favors can be reinvested, yielding returns sure to beat any index fund!

(Happily on first and last marriage!)
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