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Just seems to me that people have the right to decline to work in a union shop, if they don't want to join the union

You could also decline to work in a work place that allowed men to post girlie pictures, or a work place that made everyone pray, or a work place that promised to pay women less, or a place that declines to provide free day-after pills with their insurance.

The most obvious remedy would be for union members to receive their contract pay and benefits, while the non-union workers standing beside them receive $6-8/hr less, with much more expensive medical coverage, no pension, and no means of redress of grievances.

There are a lot of people that would love the opportunity for a job like that. $24 per hour vs $30 per hour for assembly line work looks mighty sweet to a lot of people.

Odd how the workers that cheer this kind of infringement of the worker's right to "peaceably assemble", never seem to notice that the states with the lowest household incomes tend to be the "right to work" states

It would be interesting to see the incomes normalized against cost of living. The non-right-to-work status tend to have the big cities with big salaries and big expenses.

here are right to work states

here is the unemployment by state if anyone wants to try and make a correlation.
Nevada Right
RI no right
California no right
New Jersey no right
N. Carolina right
Michigan no right (yet)
Connecticut no right

You can go here and see state debt as a percentage of GSP
NY no righ
Mass no right
Kentucky no right
Kansas right
RI no right
Penn no right
SC right
NJ no right

So hard to say what all the correlations are.

My favorite clip from the Michigan protests was hearing the union cheer "hey hey, ho ho, the right to work has got to go!".

Not the best choice from a PR point of view ;-)
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