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Chart of no chart, I'm in at 13 and considering buying more.

These guys are running the country now. Might as well make a few bucks on the next 4 years of plunder. Since Dick's decided that conservation is a bad word and new production is the only way, I think KEG, Haliburton, PTEN and the rest will make their estimates.

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I live in Northern California where we have the worlds 7'th largest economy and cannot keep the lights on!

My family (and others like myself) are stretched to the limit on how we can conserve even more. Yesterday, the high temperature hit 98 degrees and we did not turn on the a.c.

For the past 8 years, this energy "crisis" has been both ignored and not reported by the press and Mr. Clinton and Mr. Gore had other more pressing items on their agendas (such as being empeached, fund raising scandals, etc. etc.

Growing up in Texas, I worked the oil and gas fields from 1978 to 1987 when suddenly, myself and thousands of others oil field workers found themselves unemployed due to the fact that it was cheaper to import oil from overseas than to produce it here in the states. When I go back to visit Texas, I pass by the oilfields and amazingly I do not see mass destruction of the planet that you claim will arise from Cheney.

By the way, if it was not for products that are derived from oil and natural gas, you (and I) would not have the convenience of being able to use the internet, drive our cars,invest in the stock market, use telephones or even come close to life in America that we have grown to cherish. Think about it....from the moment that you awaken from your bed (your bed that was manufactured by a factory running on energy and delivered by a truck that was running on fuel) to when you draw water from your faucet (do you think that it does not take energy to deliver water to your home?)to make your morning coffee (unless you live in the wilderness and cook over an open campfire, chances are your coffee maker has plastic components which are derived from petroleum products and the coffee was harvested and sent to market via fuel burning ships or other means of transportation) to when you put on your clothes (that were manufactured by a factory running on energy and once again delivered to a store via a truck that god forbids, runs on fuel, to when you turn on your computer (that runs on energy created by the big, bad oil companies).

Do you really believe that the problems we face with energy has just appeared since Bush and Cheney took office?

Oh well, everyone has their own opinions, and can rationalize that our current president and vice president are to blame for the mess that we have gotten ourselves in by relying on foreign oil and having activists put unfair (and sometimes ridiculous restrictions) on power plants and the exploration and production of oil and gas.
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I agree with you skinnerhead. Its interesting that for ten years the people forgot or weren't concerned about gas prices by buying big cars again. Now, since prices have risen,not quite as high as milk, the government and constituents are concerned. Everybody whats cheap,discounts etc. and at the same time increased salary. Yes,and according to SF. Mayor (tv.a few days ago) both party's ignored the power problem in Ca. Oh,do You invest in KEG?
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