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Sorted through the 13 year olds closet and dressers. Good grief, came up with 4 garbage bags full of clothes and lots of kids sized hangers (once their clothes get bigger, the little hangers don't work anymore). More important, showed DD she has pants besides jeans she can wear. The hard part is that she won't keep things neat, so this job needs to repeat every 6 months or so. It gets easier when they stop growing.
Put together a box of the nicer clothes to send to my old neighbor, who I found a few years ago on FB. The rest will go to a single mom who loves to go to kid consignment sales. I don't have the time to sort, tag, deliver, then pick up clothes, but she does. It's a way for her to make a buck.
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Really good way of paying it forward with the clothes going to someone who can get some $ from them.
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Isn't it amazing how quickly kids clothes multiply, yet at the same time, they have "nothing to wear"?

I made an error when I was buying clothes for Charley for this winter, LAST spring. I guesstimated that he'd still be in 18 month clothing based on his growth curve, and he hit a MASSIVE growth spurt that brought him from 5th percentile to the 75th! So then I had to go scouring Kohl's and Target for more 2T/24 month pants last month.

Gary and I went through our own closet last weekend, and I realized that I was never going to wear those high heels that I bought when I was working, now that I wear "Mom jeans" and t-shirts every day, so they and a bunch of career wear separates are going to the plus size consignment shop where I buy things sometimes.
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