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Kind of flies in the face of the standard conservative wisdom that obesity and many other problems can be solved by "people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps". - intercst

I was going to post this same story but I could just hear Decath saying, "I don't believe it!" and he'd kill it with one fell swoop. Arguing with people who all ready have their minds made up is like banging your head against a cinder block. I have the same problem when talking to people at church about gay people. Nothing I can do or say will ever convince them that people don't "choose" to be gay. It's like having brown eyes or blue eyes. My best friend who's gay has told me he knew he was gay when he was in grade school. It's not a choice and neither is being fat. With all the predjudice against fat people in the world no one in their right mind would choose to be fat. It's not a moral failing.

I'm thouroughly convinced that people are born with a pre-set appetite. We're not born to be fat, but we are born with the thermostat on our appetite set at a certain level. Some kids are hearty eaters when their born and enjoy eating and with some kids it's a constant battle to get them to eat anything. Even within families. My brother has been married three times. He has kids with all three women. With his Indonesian wife he had a son who hated eating. It was a constant battle and my brother and his wife were constantly screaming at the kid to eat. My brother is now married to a Philipino and has another son with her, and this kid came out of the womb liking food. He eats without any prompting. He's chunky and thick and likes to eat.

I've lost down to my correct weight several times in my life. The only way I could stay at my correct weight is if I chose to go through life being hungry. That's a crappy way to have to go through life. I've about decided that I'm just going to be who I am and people can take it or lump it. I'm tired of fighting.

Everyone is different and I am highly suspicious that we're that way for a reason. It's all part of that "duality and separation" thing I keep talking about. It's all part of our identity. It's who we are. Fat or thin, tall or short, smart or dumb, rich or poor, the list is endless. All the labels we wear in life teach our soul (or consciousness) what it means and how it feels to be separate, unique, individual.

It's exactly like being dealt a hand in life and having to play the hand your dealt. We really don't have a choice. Whatever it is, atoms rattling around in our heads, DNA, quantum mechanics, etc. we really don't have a clue where consciousness comes from or what produces it. - Art
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