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Anyone like me, fan of looney toons and fan of small caps, has got to be looking for an excuse to buy in, as I am!

The financials seem reasonable for a cyclical, though presumably will worsen due to rising steel and fuel costs, etc. From what I've read, the company is optimistic about sales/revenues for the next couple years, but somewhat pessimistic about margins/profits.

What I have no knowledge about whatsoever is whether their blast-welding niche is a good moat, or whether they are fairly vulnerable to the emergence of competing technologies.

Anyone familiar with this niche enough to comment?

Thanks in advance,

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BOOM has uneven earnings and the first quarter was bad but I know of no reason for the stock to have fallen as hard as it has.

The company apparently has good cash flow as it just declared an annual dividend of 15 cents per share:

The backlog is pretty impressive.

As far as investing in financials, who knows when the next shoe will drop or where the bottom lies. I got burned in this area by buying in too soon. I however took most of my losses and repositioned some of the money in Capital Source (CSE).

-- Mark --
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