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"Got up?"

I "stay up" until 3, not "get up" at 3.

Pretty awesome, either way. There was a thin, high cloud layer here, but you could see the moon through it. About 2/3 of the way to totality, the clouds disappeared. Just... one moment, it was cloudy, and the next, it was perfectly clear. Over the entire sky, even.

Then, just before totality, the clouds came back (this took a bit longer). So I didn't get to see totality.

Thus once again proving that the gods have a sense of humor, and that they're not nearly as funny as they think they are.
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"Got up?"

Yes, got up. I have been working so many hours and having a cold at the time, I couldn't afford to lose the sleep time.

I watched it for 15 minutes and it was during the totality. People were saying it wasn't a blood moon but from my house it was pretty red or maybe dark burnt orange.

AC *twas wonderful*
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