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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 11/26/15 10:30 AM
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Well said.
  • Date: 11/24/15 7:38 PM
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They were scheduled to release earnings today after market close. Now I see it's been moved to December 8? Have they done this before. Strange or nothing to worry about?
  • Date: 11/14/15 9:39 AM
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Good work. Keep digging. I enjoy reading and studying this story. Knowledge is power.
  • Date: 11/13/15 2:51 PM
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Anybody buying this dip?
  • Date: 11/13/15 8:57 AM
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Condolences brother.

I just don't see any reason to own this right now. Well to start a position anyway.
  • Date: 10/30/15 9:36 AM
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I'm sure there will be many more updates to come but was this way out of line? Seems at first glance like a pretty terrible quarter? Is this a major change in thesis or a buying opportunity? I've been eyeing this stock but my knowledge just isn't
  • Date: 10/24/15 10:35 AM
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The bubble has definitely burst but are we ready to say these companies have nothing of value to offer? Have they been left for dead and the bear side overdone? Or is there more pain? Tough call.
  • Date: 10/18/15 10:10 AM
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I have been reading a lot of different discussion boards after finding out the Mr. Pabrai has a sizable stake in the company. A lot of the upside and overall investment thesis from posts in 2012-2014 have been almost entirely wrong.

A few
  • Date: 10/18/15 9:56 AM
  • Number: 582
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Yikes. This is extremely negative. I have been so tempted to start a small position here at current levels but am not convinced it wouldn't be a long and painful experience.

Perhaps I am looking at this wrong but I was nearly going to
  • Date: 10/2/15 10:42 AM
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This used to be a super stock candidate for me. Anybody else following or thinking about starting a position? Any chance this regains footing or just have to wait for bounce in commodity prices?
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Take me back to where I was.
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