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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/11/16 4:52 AM
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it is a logical entry-level camera and seems to be *clicking* with consumers

I see what you did there, David K :)
  • Date: 2/9/16 12:36 PM
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  • Date: 2/9/16 12:26 PM
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Hi Phenol -

Check this post from Tom E

  • Date: 2/9/16 12:38 AM
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Hi dovbgood,

Your concerns are valid. To be sure, the gap between GAAP and non-GAAP is exceptionally high in 2015. It could be due to the organization change from Google to Alphabet in 2015. In the process, the new Google CEO Sundar Pichai
  • Date: 2/9/16 12:28 AM
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Just to add: in case I don't reply this thread for five trading days or so, please know that I will come back to it :)
  • Date: 2/8/16 11:42 PM
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Ads, right?

What is the total market size for mobile or desktop web ads? And what are the trends? And what are their market shares?

Both giants are still tussling over ads. Structurally a decreasing total market,
  • Date: 2/8/16 3:55 AM
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But their reliance on ad revenue is subject to competition, like fb. And I believe that until they actually release non-ad products with $B revenues, their fight with fb over ad rev will take on a more desperate and existential
  • Date: 2/8/16 3:39 AM
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Hi dovgood,

Thanks for the questions.

a) Google Network - I got this definition from its 10K:

Our revenues from Google Network Membersí websites include revenues generated primarily through advertising programs
  • Date: 2/7/16 10:27 PM
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I think this 2012 Forbes article summarized the value of LinkedIn very well. It also helped me understand the value of LinkedIn and prompted me to open a small position.

When you have someone like Adobe Systems which is looking to hire 750
  • Date: 2/7/16 9:49 AM
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Hi Googley TMF folks!

The Headline Numbers
+ Q4'15 revenue from Google was $21.3 billion, up 18% year on year from $18.1 billion a year ago.
+ GAAP EPS was $7.06, up nearly 4% year on year
+ Non-GAAP EPS was $8.76, up
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