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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 9/17/18 12:41 PM
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I will give you a million dollars if you bring me all the plants that produce ďengines, radiators, transmissions, alternators, car batteries, instrument clusters and all their instruments, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, fuel injection systems, water
  • Date: 9/17/18 12:35 PM
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Aren't you concerned about Tesla's competition? I am in the market for an electric car. I've decided to go with the Jaguar I-Pace instead of the Tesla S or X. I am a pretty educated consumer.

Just curious, as you seem
  • Date: 9/13/18 8:53 PM
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The Jag does look nice...

You mean this one I trust?

Yes! :)
  • Date: 9/11/18 7:20 PM
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ďBetamax vs VHSĒ

Who knows. But VHS came out only a year after Betamax. Six years after the first SuperCharger stations, I havenít seen a real competitor yet.

And maybe you donít see Tesla cars in New Jersey, but if
  • Date: 9/10/18 11:35 PM
  • Number: 238674
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Three words would have me very concerned Audi - Porsche - Mercedes.

I completely agree, and you might add Jaguar to the list, since they already have a good competitive product on the market. Audi should be any day now, Mercedes in

  • Date: 9/9/18 4:32 PM
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The other one I promised to make a little case for here was Comcast.

Comcast is one of those companies everyone loves to hate. Subscription fees that are always higher than it feels they should be. Poor customer experience. Yearly hassle of
  • Date: 9/9/18 3:42 PM
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Thanks for confirming the numbers. It looks like this one is worth watching, waiting for a good dip. Maybe below $90, although it hasnít been that low in a while. Patience is gold...

  • Date: 9/9/18 11:22 AM
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I started with cash from operations and backed out capital expenditures to get to an estimate of free cash flow. I then backed out a bit more for the impact of the divestiture and then ran the DCF from that starting point. I saw the giant spike
  • Date: 9/8/18 7:03 PM
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Without any further comment we can only guess at your intentions for posting this link of course. I like Musk, I think heís thoughtful and intelligent, but
  • Date: 9/8/18 6:34 PM
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Thanks for the review Chuck.

This was one I had looked at myself. It didnít make my shortlist because I wasnít sure there was any margin of safety there. With your DCF just above todayís price that seems to confirm my feeling. And itís a
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Take me back to where I was.
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