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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/22/10 5:22 PM
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  • Date: 9/1/09 12:36 PM
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"Dude, she has one generational bottom!"

I don't know about this. It sounds old and dumpy to me.
  • Date: 7/8/09 6:12 PM
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Thereís been a lot of talk about emotions in investing. Many people seem to think emotions should not have anything to do with it. I donít believe this. I believe we should harness our emotions and get in better touch with them. Feeling greedy?
  • Date: 4/10/09 2:17 PM
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I think Cliff Clavin said it best,

"A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, the slow and weak at the back are killed first. The speed and health of the herd keeps improving by the
  • Date: 3/12/09 6:38 PM
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Yes, my underpants may have provided the spark to ignite our market.

Be careful. I heard somebody actually died from doing this.
  • Date: 3/10/09 12:51 PM
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Maybe it's not Tom e, it's Tom ette. People think Bill Mann is a great investor, too. His Caps avatar looks oddly like a girl to me:

  • Date: 2/27/09 6:54 PM
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What exciting times we live in. With the stock market hammered like it has been, Iíve been buying as much stock as I can get my hands on. Unfortunately for my account balance, Iíve also taken advantage of this whole deflation thing. There are
  • Date: 1/30/09 10:30 AM
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Execution is still something Iím considering.

OMG!, you're gonna kill him!?
  • Date: 1/22/09 2:02 PM
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Are you giving up on all TMF or just HG? I have found the general discussion boards to be very worthwhile as you can get solid information on just about every financial topic. Its just the newsletters that I have a problem
  • Date: 12/19/08 10:32 AM
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Sorry, I don't buy it. It seems to me Ming the Merciless owns several planets. People have to stick swords in their own bellies for him if they can't cough up christmas presents. Nobody does that for Scrooge McDuck.
Also, if you're
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Take me back to where I was.
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