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Hi Everyone,
I must say that I was surprised to see a Soberfool! I am a female, 45 years old who just got into the workforce 2 years ago. When I quit drinking, I wanted to do something with my life so I went back to college and earned a Bachelors degree. I currently work with juvenile felons in private industry. The pay is just OK and I am able to sock away about four to five hundred dollars a month to savings/retirement.

I realize I am way behind many of my peers in both experience and retirement savings and this has me concerned. I currently save 10% of my income (not yet matched by my employer but will be soon) to my 401b plan. In a Scottrade account, I also have stock in abxa, ftek, trbr, and bni. Also shares of a PAX world fund.

My question is, what would be the best way for me to start saving for my retirement? I was thinking annuties or mutual funds. I dont want anything else high risk.

Thanks and peace,
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I wandered over here during work......a long, slow night. You may want to repost this on a busier investment board - not much action over here it looks like.

I would go for mutual funds, I hear Vandguard are good ones. You have a start with your 401b plan.
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Welcome to a wonderful world. I have to watch my emotional side on this investing stuff. Good thing I am in for the long haul.

I am a late bloomer as well, just started this year. Interesting and exciting too.

Lot's of good advise here. Never thought I would be comfortable being guided by a fool for my investments.

But then again, a fool had been running my life for a long time, me.

Make every moment count and WOW time adds up quick.

Grateful and Blessed
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