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I made the mistake of trying to read the Rambus board after my bedtime last night. The legal and technical details made my head spin. I think that the Rambus board does not appreciate the strength of Rambus as a Gorilla. FWIW,
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Hello Paulphilp,

Rightly or wrongly, the Rambus board believes Rambus will become a Gorilla. They are at present a little panicy that Rambus will not be able to defend some of its patents. DDR has some problems, but could cut into Rambus profits.

They also know that Big Guns are attacking Rambus with every means at their disposal. Rambus is still a small company, but they may end up supplying all the RAM in all the PC's.

In my opinion this is close to how the PC makers felt about Mr Gates' DOS when it took control of the PC. Now Rambus is another upstart they hate. No one likes to pay extra. No one likes to pay to a monopoly.

The patents are very complicated and very boring. There is a lot to sift through. The judge is an intelligent man but doesnt have a degree in electrical engineering. And trials are crapshoots, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Intel decided to play along. And many of the chip makers want to play too.

We've all lost quite a bit of money in Rambus but are still keeping the faith. I believe Rambus shareholders are the some of the most passionate. And with a 2 billion market cap I intend to remain one.


PS I enjoy your posts very much.
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Fast Forward 3 years and Rambus is on the verge of becoming a true Gorilla.

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