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It was a quiet night having long since filed our taxes and sucessfully guided/assisted various relatives and in-laws through their taxes. The one miscommunication, where I though we might have to call EMS because of reaction to a $40k tax bill, was enough excitement. The amount was actually $4K and the misunderstanding was due to medication from a accident.

Around 8pm, I received an unexpected call. A friend who I had given up trying to help called asking if I had the electronic version their 2006 return. Apparently, I gave them a premlimary copy with a list of missing information. After three years, I wasn't even certain that I even still had the computer. The answer to the first question "2006 wasn't filed was it?" was predictable. It has to be filed tonight or they won't receive their refund. After three years, the missing informaton was entered and the returns printed. I should have been able to predict the next call, which was a request to print a 2009 Federal and State extension.
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