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Laughing Raven and Delta181,
You guys are right- Thank you for reminding me that it is better in the long run to not put myself further into debt now, so that I can do a heck of a lot more with my $ later, for perhaps lasting change. I used to give a fixed amt to several charities, but I have suspended my donations. I figure that I will be giving back my time and effort, in the future, to make up for how bad I feel for doing that now. The orgs I work for are all grass roots and receive no gov't assistance. They rely soley on public donations to function. One person in one of the orgs got a lot of bad publicity which killed all public donations. Regardless of who was at fault, there are over 2000 animals who still need food and medical attention. We are trying to turn NYC into a No Kill City- but sadly, it's not there yet. If the org was shut down , all of the animals would have been euthanized because you can't drop off 2000 animals at any of the govn't funded shelters. It wasn't just me donating time and $ to these orgs, but all of the volunteers that kept almost all of those animals alive and well during the worst of it. (BTW, a lot of them have loving forever homes now. Yay!)

No, correspondence schools and community college aren't an option. But I am taking math and science courses (with labs) part time while working full time. My intention is to continue doing part time until I get into vet school- then it is full time only as there are no part itme options. I knew my CID codes, too BTW- but since I shredded (yes, shredded)- my CCs yesterday and asked my IT guy to block all the online pet supply sites I visited, I guess they don't count anymore:)

Is there a place where I can go to read more about the specific processes of rolling over my RIRA? I checked out the Fool IRA guide- but still feel uneasy. I currently have a sad portfolio of about $7000 solely in Coke, GE, Marvel, J&J, and Netflix stocks (yes, this is why it did so badly...) I think there is like $93 in a MMA that Wamu forced me to open. I don't want Wamu to have anything to do w/ my RIRA anymore. All I want are some Vangard index funds- any pointers on how to tell Wamu to shove the $350/yr they charge me in fees? Someone recommedned Scottrade and I looked at their website- but they don't file papers for you. I don't even know what papers they are talking about....:(

I read about the student loans following people around and have also heard about the government trying to garnish your wages, like deadbeat dads, if you neglect paying them off (Maybe they have suceeded already?) I was actually hoping that if the Vet school dream works out I'll be able to apply for a vet school debt forgiveness program which pays off all or most vet school loans in return for working in an underserved rural or urban area for a specific amount of time. I am planning on focusing in shelter medicine and think qualifying may not be out of the question. Since I am working, I am not accruing more debt for the school I am enrolled in now. So If I can pay off the CC and NOT donate any more $ then I should be enetering Vet school w. a clean slate (hopefully + a chunk of savings), if not a retirement plan, (yet!- I am still trying to be a Fool, after all)

Going to school part time while working and volunteering hasn't been easy- but I don't feel I have much of a choice right now. As you pointed out, getting into vet school isn't easy, statistically it's 10xs harder in this country to become a Vet than a Dr. I know this- but I let myself be deterred once before by people telling me I couldn't do it. I'm not willing to listen to them anymore. I was put on this earth for a purpose and I'm willing to do what it takes to get there:) I don't have a choice about putting off any of my activities. The average applicant has approximately 1300 hours of animal volunteer experience. To be perfectly honest, I started volunteering because I had to- but, now, I give everything I can to them (time, money, administrative support, etc), because of how much they have enriched my life. And yes, I have kept my 4.0 so far (Bio, Labs, Chem, Calc, Stat- big bad Orgo is next yr). I don't think it's as unrealistic, to try, as other people have made it out to be. But I'll only find out if I try:)

I'm well aware that if by some miracle I do get into vet school, I will not have time, $, or sleep. But those are things that I have gotten used to doing relatively without anyway. I'm not scared.

Thanks again to all of you who make the Fool Disscussion Boards a wonderful place to learn:)
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