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We're looking into getting a 2013 Lincoln MKZ OR Toyota Avalon,neither of which are out yet.

Only on the Lincoln site (so far),you can pre-order a MKZ with the specific colors/options that you want.If this is done,how obligated are you to complete the sale when you're still not sure if it's the MKZ or Avalon that you'll finally settle for?
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Depends on state law, but even so, your risk is close enough to be zero even if the law would consider you obligated that I would consider it to be zero

No dealer or manufacturer would hold you to a pre-order even if they could. Especially not for a mass market car like you describe.

I know some dealers hold "non-refundable" deposits for some harder to get vehicles or if you want some really odd configuration that they would otherwise not order, but in practice those deposits are never held if the contract is not executed.
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