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Well the whole story here has Bush with a Republican majority and still screwing up big time.

The Republicans have brought where they are upon themselves.

When they had a chance to do good, they did not. They went to the trough.

Shortly after that point the Tea PArty came into play. as a reaction to both parties being terrible

The Republican Party claims to have learned and has a bunch of folks that seem to actually have, though they are not 100 percent sane.

The Democrats? They claim they are insane, but just not insane enough. They do not disavow, they embrace bad and say we need more.

Liberals do indeed NEVER tell the whole story, and have no problem lying about the part they do discuss.

It is IMO important when backing Republicans to do things with eyes open and complete honesty about their warts. The Republicans show hints of honesty as well as clues that they get it. The Democrats? They basically try to not to let on what they are about and tell lies about the Republicans -- between the two it is so obvious a choice there really is not one.

The old guard of Republicans still want to get along with Democrats. Even Rubio does not understand you can not compromise with evil. You would hope that some Republican particularly one that has seen it like Rubio would see what happened to Bush when he went along with Democrats.

Democrats do not have the interests of the country first -- not that they do not care, but it is not priority one. The Republicans should take the other track, and put America first. Rubio, McCain, King -- they are putting politics first. That does not make them worse than Democrats as there are 100s of issues where they are better. But it does show a bad blind spot, they think compromising with evil is required. It is always wrong.

Note: I am not saying a bill on immigration is bad, though I have my very serious doubts. But agreeing with Schumer, frankly can never be a good thing.
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Liberals Never Tell the Whole Story

Is this a conservative telling the whole story? Why did you fail to mention that even in the first year of the Clinton administration, and every year with a Dem congress, the deficit was being reduced? Why did you fail to mention this trend was not initiated, but simply continued with the GOP congress? And did it slip your mind that Bush-II's first budget year, with a GOP congress, the surplus disappeared and we returned to deficit spending, and that Bush-II's second budget year set a new record in deficit spending? Were these simple oversights on your part?

PS - lowstudent - I had to rec your post for trying to bring some of these points to light. I couldn't help but notice your post wasn't as popular as the incomplete OP.
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