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Like it or not we are in a perpetual state of war. Now that doesn't mean we have to put boots on the ground all over the world, but we need to recognize the fact that this is the new state of affairs.


In fact, we should avoid at all costs unless there is a specific person like Osama bin Laden that should be killed. The cost benefit ratio is negative.

Iraq was a waste of money. & Afghanistan was a cluster f*ck in which we allowed bin Laden to escape due to trying to kill him on the cheap via the Northern Alliance*.

The Taliban has figured out the cost benefit ratio.

Despite their warrior ethos, Afghans cannot handle professional soldiers. But the Afghans can adapt to such disadvantages, which is exactly what they have been doing.

The Taliban cannot survive when fighting the NATO forces directly, and fell back on a campaign using IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

The Taliban spend most of their money on this, to buy the materials (explosives, detonators, trigger mechanisms like wireless devices or electrical wire) and pay Afghans to build and plant the devices. For all this, the IEDs killed 102 U.S. troops last year using 15,222 IEDs. Only about 2,100 of these bombs actually detonated, killing or wounding about 1,900 U.S. troops. Thus the Taliban had to pay for about 150 IEDs to kill one American. Put another way, it took eight IEDs to hurt an American (usually minor injuries).

For the Taliban and the drug gangs (who finance the Taliban) this is all working for them. The drug gangs are getting rich producing and exporting heroin, opium and hashish. While NATO troops destroy a lot of these drugs, and the Taliban costs over $100 million a year to subsidize, that’s just a cost of doing business. The drug trade is still profitable with these losses.

they know we cannot afford to stay there forever. And once we're gone; the corrupt nature of the Afghanistan gov't will mean they will look away from Islamic fundamentalists just like the Pakistan gov't does.

*And yeah it was Bush's fault plus adding the expansion of entitlement nation via medicare part-D.

We've BIG trouble here in River City! We first have to force the republican party back into being a fiscal conservative party before we will able to deal with any foreign threats. Our nation is a hollow fiscal shell that is on the same path as the EU. Just at a slower pace. Voting the lesser of two evils ain't gonna fix things. Radical upheaval is needed. And sadly I do not see the will in America.
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