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Americans’ Growing Love of Limes

...Mexico represents about 80 percent of those imports but has been struggling to meet demand because of adverse weather conditions and criminal cartels

Yep, Mexican lime criminal cartels. You knew it was just a matter of time. Loves the lime in the vodka/tonic, $1 a small lime last time I bought. Almost fell over. Do the retirees love the limes?

That next export (imports/exports) figure is completely typical of America today. The GDP number was so weak mostly because net exports were down 12% for the quarter. Constant drag on GDP.

Plant more limes. There's big lime money just like there is big crepe money. Eat more limes.

Yeah, this is all big crepe money. There's crepe money?
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Yep, Mexican lime criminal cartels. ...$1 a small lime last time I bought.

Yikes. I used to keep limes on hand all the time, just in case--you know, a staple. If a few went bad, eh. Now I rarely buy them, and then it's exactly what I need for a specific purpose. They did seem cheaper when we were in the Southwest last fall.

Despite being a bit more cautious and having supposedly low inflation, I've had to increase the food budget. I used to think healthy/organic food would cost less as more people ate it, increasing the supply, but that's not what happened it seems.
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