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I'm a real lurker - I have just now gotten that "50 posts" star, and I've been lurking on these boards since October, 1999. I'm sure it would be easy to say "hey, kiddo, you don't contribute much, do you?" Fair enough. I don't. I'm also one of those people who can be at a party for three hours (if you can even drag me to a party in the first place) and no one will remember I was there. A real background person. We all have our quirks. Now, about the limit on recs:

I have several favorite stock boards - I am humbled by the knowledge of a lot of the posters. Most of what I would add to their posts would be comments like "exactly!" or other useless space wasters. However, when someone has made a valid point, or supported a contrary opinion with facts and grace, even when someone has just made me laugh out loud (and I am convinced we ALL need more of that), my "connection" with the board would be to hit "rec". I also have some favorite boards that are out of the stock arena - LBYM and such. I might not have any new ideas - but some of the posters on these boards have had real impact on my life. Again, my contact with these posters is with the "rec" button.

So, now we come to my point (finally!). For those of us in the background for whatever reason - shyness, nothing new to add, someone just said it better...whatever....hitting "rec" is OUR way of connecting. I'm not sure of the number of recs you folks have hit on as ideal, and I acknowledge that some of those "gimme" boards can dominate in a silly way, but couldn't you have the "best of" sort those boards into an area of their own?

Limiting the recs certainly cuts down on just freely reading the boards. If I've gotten behind and am having a marathon catch-up session, it's a big help if I can scan the boards for the recommended posts. And, while I'm reading a great post, I don't want to be thinking "oh, I better not recommend this post because I've got nine more boards to go and who knows what I'll find?" I certainly don't rec "recklessly". I just like knowing that on a day when all the stars are lined up and I have come across several outstanding posts spread across twelve different boards, I can acknowledge the poster and "contribute" by having the "recs" say to my fellow board pals "hey, don't miss this one..."

Please reconsider the limit on recs.
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