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This month's REHP update features a review of Nobel Prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman's book "Thinking, fast and slow."

Apparently he's also weighed in on "DOES LIVING IN CALIFORNIA MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY?"

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The research looks interesting...I just skimmed through...

but despite the numbers I have to say that living in CA has made me happy. Of course I was happy in Boston, Minneapolis, and Memphis too.

This morning, 5 rowing/crew judges are sitting on my dock, or pouring themselves some of my coffee, ... the sun is shining on a calm body of water, the racing crews from all over the Bay Area are gliding to the finish line, coxes yelling....and I can't imagine a more perfect Sunday morning view...

If that bores me, I can always go and talk to my lettuces and Bok Choy, thick and green in my veggie plot, or encourage the herbs to make more effort..(I need sage for Thanksgiving stuffing and the plants are sulking...)

I remember raking leaves, I remember shoveling snow, I remember good neighbors and good colleagues everywhere, but hey....even if we live in a tiny little house, in a small suburban area in an over trafficked highway-infested is good.

We'll be toasting/thanking veterans later today.
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