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"A Chinese government airplane entered Japanese airspace over the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Thursday in the first such airspace intrusion in Japan, prompting an immediate protest from the Japanese government.

The Air Self-Defense Force scrambled F-15 fighter jets to the area after one of China's State Oceanic Administration airplanes was spotted at 11:06 a.m. about 15 kilometers south of Uotsuri Island, one of the Japanese-administered Senkakus claimed by China, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told reporters"

lol. Not too long ago, some in Japan were protesting the American presence there and of course, PA Libs are sympathizing with them.


I don't think you deserve your own airspace frankly.

As we become a multi-polar world the way the Left wants, and others in the world want, y'all are gonna have to get used to China. If the world was so bad with American dominance, you're really gonna "love" a China centric world one day.

Best of luck China. Buzz their airspace all you like.

Obama 2012

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LOLOLOL. Americans out of Okinawa! No nuclear armed ships in Japanese ports!

I love these libs who say, "Bring all the troops home, we don't need to do anything abroad". Especially when they trot out Ron Paul as somebody ostensibly from our side to back this opinion up.

The fact of the matter is that a continuous US presence abroad has secured the sea lanes for *everybody* since WWII. We've kept the peace and allowed for a global economy to spring up; a global economy that has been free of conflicts by and large between major powers for decades.

Pulling the US away from all that puts the world in a mode that resembles 1880's Europe: a series of actors on the world stage that are all competing for the small piece of the pie. Sooner or later they'll butt heads...and all the UN resolutions in the world won't make a difference.
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In the old days some of them here would call me 'isolationist' because I dared say that countries that whine about America, should not be burderned with American monetary or military aid.

Sadly, America's halls of power are owned by the globalists in both parties so I'm content to wait for when America, like other empires is so thinly stretched, and so war weary, that America has no choice but to pull back. Because ONE day, the so-called "citizens" in America will start asking why we build schools in Kabul while schools in Kansas need help, or why we send all sorts of money around the world, while 93% of Detroit's kids can't read and in many cases, afford a meal to eat.

After years of hearing 'jingoism!' cries from the Left and after years of seeing Europe and others protest the USA, i'm actually glad that America won't be the sole superpower anymore.

I hope China, Russia, and others really give it to the world hard. No Vaseline, no nothing. If I had the know-how, I'd help out in that regard. Germany, France, South Korea, and even the yuppies of're all gonna get your wish, you're gonna get what you've been wanting, you're gonna get it.

In the meantime, I hope China and Russia figure out how to handle demographic problems and shortages in their nations, so that they may fully take advantage of the world once America is sent down a few notches.

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