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....on how to get rid of the groundhogs (aka whistle pigs, woodchucks, etc).

We think they're very cute, but they're digging up way too much and pose a hazard with all the holes around here. We live out in the country on ten acres which apparently provide many desirable locations for groundhog community development. <Warning: The following discussion includes options of killing them. If that offends you, please read no further>.

Ideas to date:

* Relocation Trap: Relocation makes the ground hog somebody else's problem. I'm not excited about transporting one in my car and I don't want to have someone asking questions when I'm releasing it. "Hey, why are you dumping this thing near my house?"

* Killing Trap: Yuck. I don't want to drag some stiff groundhog out of a cage, especially if covered in gore. And I suspect the next groundhog might be concerned if the cage has a whiff of a dead relative.

* Repellent: Not sure if this will give me the results I want (which is zero groundhogs around). On ten acres, they could just move a hundred feet away and go at it again.

* Weapons: I'm considering this. There are many suggestions online, including a few funny ones (grenade launcher). Air rifles are supposedly not quite powerful enough. Shotguns require getting too close (they run when you get close). And I don't want a rifle shot to miss and go through a neighbor's window a few hundred feet away.

* Rat poison: Supposedly effective with repeat treatments. This might be my number one pick so far. Dump down the hole and watch for reduced sightings of groundhogs. But its difficult to look for something that is no longer there. ;)

* Smoke bombs: I've seen these advertised. They seem to depend on being able to plug all the holes. We have infestations in two barns and I'm not sure that I could seal everything leading to the groundhog village under our tack room.

* I also have problems with raccoons and possums getting after the cat food, but I'm trying to just bring the food inside when it gets dark. Not always effective. I chased away a huge, fat raccoon in the afternoon a couple weeks ago. Nice to know that we're helping so much wildlife. :P LOL

* We've owned dogs and I must say that the problem seems to have intensified since our last dog died. We're not interested in another dog.


So, does anybody have experience with this? And effective solutions? :) Thanks.

RB Home Fool
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