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I am looking for someone very knowledgeable in the area of copyright to answer a few questions I have and to give me some more information. I would like to know:

Is it okay to refer to particular pages in a book, which can be accessed with the Amazon "Look Inside" feature? This allows people to technically access those resources without paying any royalties to the owner of the book, so where is the line?

When is it ok to include a page scan of a book in a PDF?

Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated, thank you so much for your time.

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I'm not a lawyer, don't play one on TV and didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night. But I would think it's always OK to refer to pages in a book by word, but not to link to them. Even if visitors to the web site don't pay royalties to Look Inside, I am sure there is some kind of royalty or mutually beneficial arrangement there. Amazon might have a licensing agreement with the publisher to show the Look Inside pages, and you never know when that agreement might expire, leaving your own document with a broken link.

As for including a page scan of a book in a PDF, never without the author/publisher's expressed written permission, I am sure.

Here are some discussion boards that may be of interest:

Who thinks the best rule of thumb is, if you are unsure, find another way...
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I think it is generally recognized as OK to quote a few lines from a copyrighted work for the purposes of discussion or review. But the quote needs to be brief. One would suspect there is case law related to what constitutes brief.

You are always best off to seek the permission of the copyright owner to quote from his or her work. And failing that to paraphrase extracting the idea but not word for word.
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