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Hello fellow Fools,
I am currently looking into a couple of different possible investments in India and I wanted to know what you all think. Essentially, all 4 are a broad based bet on India, with each generally track the sensex. There has been a little more variability in the recent downturn. I have seen nothing special in any of the management at any of these funds and my belief is that all 4 will continue to perform at similar rates and continue to generally follow the sensex. The funds are as follows.

MINDX: Matthews India

IFN: The India Fund.

IIF: Morgan Stanley India Investment Fund


If they do continue to perform at the same rate, the question now becomes, which has the lowest fees. MINDX has a pretty straightforward, albeit somewhat high, expense ratio. IFN and IIF are both closed end funds with no expense ratio listed. How do the money managers there make their money if they aren't taking a cut? I simply can't seem to figure out what expenses will diminish my returns with either. The last one is an etf listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange with a management fee of .99% and then a whole laundry list of other possible fees in the prospectus.

Basically, I am trying to figure out which of these four investments has the lowest expenses given my belief that all 4 will have similar returns. Lastly, if anyone has any other Foolish recommendations for gaining broad exposure to India with low fees/expenses, I would love to hear it.
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