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<I predict Owebama will be fully and irrevocably exposed for the incompetent Socialist he really is...and not too much longer now, either.>

By whom?

I hope you are right. But if we had anything resembling an honest media it would have happened at any number of flashpoints along the way starting with the 2008 campaign all the way through to today.

It doesn't take months of investigative reporting to dig up the facts. It doesn't even take a particularly hard line of questioning. There are so many issues one could make an easy case with. This is an important one. The assumption in both France and Obamaville is that raising taxes will not alter behvior in any meaningful way. In all cases even if one takes the rosiest revenue scenarios you see that it does not come close to fixing the problem. Running trillion dollar plus deficits year after year is not only unsustainable, it should be illegal to do so without even having an official budget.

The easiest way to expose the hypocracy is to use his own words. In 2006-2008 the debt was called "unpatriotic" and an unacceptable punishment to our children and grandchildren. This was all when the debt numbers were about half of what they are now. Somehow these off the chart debt numbers are not considered an immediate problem.

So the way the stage is set up is that all current bad problems are due to the previous president and all problems after November 2016 are the fault of the next guy (or gal). Nothing bad that has happened in the last 4 years or the next 4 years can be placed at Obamas feet. It's a good deal to have. Anything going right you take full and immediate credit for. Anthing going bad gets blamed on someone or something else. One thing is isn't is leadership. Accepting responsibility is the cornerstone of leadership.

The irony here is that those who figure to get screwed the worst as time goes by (the under 30 crowd) gave Obama 70% of their vote. Unlike the hope expressed in the old Who song, I sadly believe the naive, trusting nature of our young people sets them up to easily get fooled again. By the time realization sets in, the damage is long done.

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