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<<the groupies are freakin me out man>>

VBG. Thank you, Andy. That's funny.

I'm glad that at least some of the newcomers understand what this is all about. This is the CANSLIM Investing board. Its purpose is to discuss CANSLIM Investing and CANSLIM stocks. I don't see how anything could be clearer. Its other purpose, however, though it may be implied, is to help newcomers to investing in general and CANSLIM investing in particular to understand it all.

When the number of posts began to explode several years ago, I wrote the website. Regulars were getting pretty tired of answering the same questions over and over again, and a lot of questions required charts for satisfactory answers. So there it was and is. As for the FAQ, that was created about a year ago, I guess, a means of getting at the heart of the matter for those who weren't ready for (or interested in) making the commitment of long-term study.

There are only two non-stock boards which are content-oriented: this one and the Gorilla Game board (there are, of course, all those boards which are focused on Fool products, but that's to be expected). The Gorilla Game board is for discussing the Gorilla Game books and Gorilla Game stocks and the Gorilla Game itself. Posters are expected to have read at least one of the books -- or at least the FAQ -- and to couch their posts in terms of the Gorilla Game. Posters to this board are expected at least to have read the FAQ, if not HTMMIS, and to couch their posts in terms of CANSLIM. This is not my decision. It's what the board is, just as DRIP investing is what the DRIP board is.

Those who think that CANSLIM is a trading strategy (i.e., one that ignores fundamentals), however, or a technical strategy, or a mechanical strategy, haven't grasped CANSLIM investing, and without understanding CANSLIM investing, it's pretty difficult to find CANSLIM stocks. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with trading or mechanical strategies or technical strategies. At the moment I am employing a purely technical trading strategy, and will continue to do so until the market is CANSLIM-favorable. But this is not the board to discuss what I'm doing. That's why I created another one, which is also content-based, but is a Speaker's Corner board (God knows what those include). Anyone who wants to discuss technical trading will find warm and welcoming audiences at any of the technical trading boards. Mechanical investors will also find a wealth of information and assistance at the Mechanical Investing board. But what experienced CANSLIM investors are doing right now is studying market and group movements and monitoring stock setups so that they will be ready to act when the market is in their favor. And discussing all that here would be of far greater benefit than this silliness about my results.

Who the hell cares? I'm not going to toss Mamis into the wastebasket because I don't know what his results are. Or Weinstein. Or Sperandeo. And they're selling something. I'm not selling a thing. I don't have a newsletter, my website doesn't charge a fee, I have no advisory service, no club. Nothing. Whether anybody follows me or not is beside the point because there's nothing to follow, other than the strategy itself. All I've done is amplify it and illustrate it. As far as I know, there's not an original thought of mine anywhere in the site, which I've stated again and again here and throughout the site.

The site is an amalgam of everything I've read and everything I've learned. I haven't invented any indicators, I haven't invented any strategies, I haven't written any software. What I have done is pay attention.

It's all there. Everything one needs to know to make money in the stock market, even if he doesn't read a single book (which would be pretty reckless): how to determine market trend, how to find the best groups, how to find the best stocks, when to buy and sell them. It's all so incredibly simple, but people just can't leave it alone. They have to be clever. They have to modify it until it bleeds because they have to be in control. And so they forget about market trend and group strength and fundamentals and risk management. And they find it all to be a crock because it doesn't "work". Or they have enough money to keep plugging away at it until they develop something that does work but which bears little relation to CANSLIM or CANSLIM investing.

I can't even begin to tell you how extremely unimportant it is to me what complete strangers think of me. Dozens of people (at least) have found value in the website and have been very generous with gift certificates, and they all know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness. But none of them expect me to invite them over for dinner and none of them care one iota whether I'm making money or not. They're self-propelled. They've been given the information and they're doing something with it. Others, however, have had the same access but haven't used it properly, if they've used it at all (I remember one guy who claimed to have read HTMMIS but insisted that CANSLIM had nothing to do with charts).

So, again, those who are interested in learning about and discussing CANSLIM investing and how to find CANSLIM stocks are welcome. Those who are more interested in "IBD investing" will gain much greater benefit from the IBD board. Daytrading from one of the daytrading boards. Short-term Trading from the Short-term Trading board. Position trading from the Position Trading board. Anyone who wants to learn trading using a core of trading books (i.e., we don't make it up as we go along and we don't just jump in and hope it all works out) is welcome at the Saratoga board. This is not to say that this board is better than any of those other boards. But it does have a focus. A well-defined focus. CANSLIM. Anyone who doesn't want to be limited by a focus ought to avoid the CANSLIM board and the Gorilla Game board. That way, those who do want that focus won't have to periodically wade through often long series of posts declaiming how misguided we all are.

Mistakes are made for one reason or another, but pointing people to other boards is not in and of itself unwelcoming, any more than pointing out to someone who is wearing nothing but a jockstrap in Le Cirque that he might be more comfortable in a different establishment. Let's get on with it.

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