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I just received an inheritance mostly in stock. I want to keep most of it invested in the stock market for me and my wifes retirement. We are 44(me) and 48(her). We have about 100K between us in IRA's, Annuities, 403B's, etc. (403B's and now our Roths are always maxed out). The Inheritance is in the following stocks.

Bristol Myers
Central & S.W.
Emerson Elec.
Exxon Corp.
First Tenn.
Genuine Parts
Hubble Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Minnesota Mng.
Mobil Corp.
Penn. Real Estate
Royal Dutch P.

For a total value of about 125 thousand dollars.

If I sell the stock, about 40% of its value is taxable as long term capital gains (That's 20% Fed\ral and 9% State). (This money has been in a trust that files its own tax return each year...thus whenever a stock is traded the trust pays the capital gains tax...that is why I cannot get the stock with a cost value at the time of death of my mother but rather the cost value is from the last trade of each stock) I was thinking of selling the stock, paying the tax and using the balance to invest in the UV4+. My ROTH Coversions and Roth accounts are all invested in the same. Any ideas for other avenues of investing for the long term. Some of the stocks I am getting look pretty good. I do not want to invest in a plan that takes much of my time. And I plan on leaving this money in the stock market for at least 15 + years. I like the Foolish four investment plan for its simplicity and annual restructuring. (in this case I would be restructuring every 18 months to lower my tax bill). Please post your suggestions and thanks!
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Late Saver,

I believe this question was already asked and answered in this and other folders. Perhaps you should look at those replies again.

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